Staying at Old Fort Bay Villa is quite inexpensive. A typical 7-day stay is $250 per person. We can offer a discount for a large group or adjust the price for a different length of stay. Just email us at for more information or to make a reservation.

While you are free to use the kitchen, you may instead opt to have June the cook and housekeeper prepare meals for you. Depending on the size of your group and the menus you select, $100 - 150 per person will cover a week of breakfasts and dinners. June will travel to the market every day or every other day in order to get fresh produce and ingredients. You are also welcome to brave the Ochi supermarkets yourself! Just ask and June will give you a list.
From the airport to the villa:
Depending on the size of your party, a trip between Sangster International Airport (MBJ) in Montego Bay and the villa will cost around $25 per person. You can walk out of the airport and find a JUTA-certified mini-bus, or we can arrange a pick-up.
Around the area:
Want to get to town or to a local attraction? Just walk out to the road and hail a ride! A route taxi will cost around US $2 per person to get into Ochi. Every driver will likely give you his card and invite you to call him later for a ride. This is a great way to be assured transportation (and many drivers will wait for you or arrange to pick you up from whatever attraction you're visiting) but will cost you about US $5 per person. Always ask / negotiate the price before getting in!

Rental cars:
Some visitors prefer to rent a car to have a bit more independence. There are multiple companies at and near the airport and also in Ocho Rios. Keep in mind that credit card insurance generally does not cover rentals in Jamaica.